Perennial Ludwigia (Ludwigia Perennis)

SKU: 2360
Perennial Ludwigia (Ludwigia Perennis)
Perennial Ludwigia (Ludwigia Perennis)
Perennial Ludwigia (Ludwigia Perennis)

Perennial Ludwigia (Ludwigia Perennis)

SKU: 2360
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There is nothing more satisfying than a well planted freshwater tank. The key to making sure that your live plants grow and thrive is to learn what they need and to provide those things. Remember, different types of plants have slightly different needs so be sure to do your research before you stock your tank to make sure you give them the right conditions.

Common Name Perennial Ludwigia
Botanical Name Ludwigia perennis
Place of Origin North America
Ideal temp (°C) 15-28
Max Height (cm) 50
Growth Rate Fast
Light Rate High
Demands Medium
Ideal Position Background

Live plants not only look great in an aquarium, but they also provide other benefits. They help with additional filtration, provide the water with oxygen, absorb some of the carbon dioxide created by fish, remove nitrates, combat algae growth and will provide cover for your fish. This will also help maintain good water quality and keep your fish happy and healthy.

Here are some of the basic thing’s aquarium plants need to survive and grow. Aquarium plants will need certain nutrients and conditions in order to live. If you want to grow a planted aquarium you will need to know what those things are and do your best to achieve them in your own aquarium.

There are four main things that the plants need in order to live. Water, light, food, and carbon dioxide.

Plants require water of good parameters, but it is more important for aquatic plants as they live within it. Some plants can grow out above the surface of the water as long as their roots are submerged, but most aquatic plants must be completely submerged in water.

Aquatic plants need certain nutrients (food). Plants obtain the main three nutrients from fish waste as it decomposes in your tank water. The most important nutrients are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium these can also be added with supplements such as Seachem flourish and a good quality substrate such as Oase ScraperLine soil. The other trace elements your plants need can be found in tap water, perform regular water changes to make sure your plants always have enough micronutrients.

Plants grow and get nutrients through the process of photosynthesis which uses light as its main source of energy. In order to grow properly, aquatic plants need good lighting which mimics natural daylight. Some plants will require more or less light than others.In order to make sure your plants have enough light, use a good quality LED aquarium light such as Fluval LED plant spectrum. A lot of these now have apps where you can set timers up to help control the amount of light.

Through photosynthesis, live plants convert CO2 into oxygen. There is already carbon dioxide in your aquarium because it is a byproduct of respiration and gas exchange at the surface of the water in your tank. You can increase the amount of CO2 in your tank using a CO2 injector such as Fluval CO2 kitand by decreasing the aeration from your tank filter.

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Interpet Liquid Plant Food 125ml

Interpet Liquid Plant Food 125ml

Interpet Liquid Plant Food 125ml

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Introducing Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food – the essential solution for vibrant and thriving aquatic plant life in your aquarium. Just as fish require proper nutrition, your underwater garden also demands the right nourishment to flourish and maintain its health. In the artificial environment of an aquarium, it can be challenging for plants to acquire the vital nutrients they need. That's where Interpet's Plant Food steps in to provide the perfect balance.

Formulated with a precise blend of nutrients, Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food is specially designed to meet the unique requirements of aquatic plants. Unlike traditional fertilizers that may introduce excess nitrates and phosphates, our advanced formula is carefully crafted to deliver optimal plant growth without triggering the growth of unwanted algae. This ensures that your aquarium's ecosystem remains beautifully balanced and visually appealing.

Using Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food couldn't be simpler. Just administer one pump of our solution for every 20 liters of water in your aquarium on a daily basis. This controlled dosage system makes it easy to provide consistent nourishment to your plants without any guesswork. As you incorporate our Plant Food into your routine, you'll witness a remarkable transformation in the growth and vitality of your aquatic plants.

One of the key advantages of Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food is its ability to enhance plant growth while preserving the clarity of your aquarium water. Our solution is expertly engineered to prevent permanent discoloration of the water, ensuring that your underwater landscape remains visually stunning and free from unsightly haze.

For best results, always refer to the packaging instructions to ensure you're optimizing the benefits of Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food. As part of our commitment to customer support, we also offer an online resource where you can find additional information, tips, and guidance on using our product effectively.

Elevate your aquarium's aesthetics and provide your aquatic plants with the nourishment they deserve. Choose Interpet Liquid Aquarium Plant Food and unlock the secret to a captivating underwater oasis that's bursting with life and color.


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