The Pet Hut

at Water World, not only do we provide everything for your aquarium. We also have a large pet department, The Pet Hut - here we have everything you need for your pampered pooch or fluffy rabbit. Talk to our experts for help and nutritional advice in-store or online.

Dog accessories

Shop the Best Selection of Dog Essentials - From Collars to Gourmet Food.

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Dog Food

Our dog food selection spans multiple brands, each offering nutritious, high-quality options tailored to every dog's needs. With a focus on natural ingredients and no artificial additives, our range supports healthy digestion, energy, and coat health. Whether it's grain-free, limited ingredient diets, or specialty formulas, we provide delicious and balanced choices to keep your pet thriving.

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Cat Food

Our cat food range encompasses a variety of brands, each formulated to meet the specific nutritional requirements of cats at every life stage. Focusing on natural ingredients without artificial additives, our selections promote optimal health, supporting digestion, energy levels, and a glossy coat. From grain-free to special dietary needs, our cat food offers tasty and nutritious options for your feline friend.

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Small Animal Food

Our small animal food collection offers a tailored selection for pets like rabbits, guinea pigs, and hamsters, featuring brands dedicated to their unique dietary needs. Emphasizing natural ingredients and avoiding artificial additives, our range ensures balanced nutrition, supporting digestive health, vitality, and coat condition. Whether it's specialized pellets, nutrient-rich mixes, or hay varieties, we provide wholesome and delicious options for your small pets' well-being.

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Dry Cat Food

These cat kibbles are carefully balanced to provide your cat with highly tasty food that are free from additives, so they’re sure to please any fussy feline. Order kibble for cats now or browse our full cat food range, including gourmet wet food.

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