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Oase Copper Bowl Square 50

Oase Copper Bowl Square 50

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Made from elegant copper, these high-quality fountain bowls will add a special aura to any garden. The components can be used alone or combined together on the optional copper base to suit your taste. There are a variety of bowl designs available - from square to round, with or without an outlet. Each bowl can also be illuminated from the inside using an LED ring. The warm 2800 Kelvin colour temperature adds a gentle shimmer to the water. The copper bowls gain further expression and charm over time as they form the patina typical of this metal. 

  • Made from 100% real copper
  • Invisible cable connection and hose grommet
  • Get creative with your water design thanks to the variety of possible combinations
  • Elegant design highlight made from real copper, suitable for small and large gardens
  • These copper bowls offer a wide range of design options: choose between a round or a square design, with or without an outlet, and then choose where to put it – for example by the terrace or as part of a pond landscape
  • The water inlet and cable bushing for the lighting (1 ½" each) are positioned at the base of the bowl, so they cannot be seen from the outside
  • Available with a pedestal for a waterfall installation consisting of two copper bowls
  • As it ages, copper forms its typical, attractive patina
Dimensions (L x W x H) mm 660 x 700 x 254
Net weight kg 7.80
Guarantee Years 2
Overrunning width mm 305
Suction-side connection G 1 ½


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