Betta Choice Clear Pond Sealer

SKU: YD185
Betta Choice Clear Pond Sealer

Betta Choice Clear Pond Sealer

SKU: YD185
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Betta Choice Clear Pond Sealer is for sealing concrete rendered ponds that is quick and easy to use.
Surface Preparation: Rendershould not have water prooferadded to the mix, this will prevent Betta Choice Pond Sealer penetrating the render. If it has been added, sand off surface of pond before applying Betta Choice Pond Sealer, render must be dry enough to be porous, new ponds should be given 14-21 days to dry before being coated. The surface should be checked for cracks in the render, and repaíred and allowed to dry before coating.
Betta Choice Pond Seal Application: Betta Choice Pond Sealer is a 3-coat
system, building up three thin layers to form a waterproof plasticseal. Do not apply in thick coats as this will impede the curing of the polyurethane. It can
be applied by brush or roller, don't load roller with too much Betta Choice Pond Sealer and do not allow to pool at the bottom of the pond.
Apply the first coat, when this is finger tacky like strong cellotape or touch dry,
apply the second Coat, when the second coat is finger tacky or touch dry, you can apply the final coat. Do not allow more than 3 hours between coats.
Filling your pond: After 72 hours, wipe out your pond with a soapy sponge, then rinse out or wipe the pond dry, you can then fill the pond.
Coverage: For the three coats is 500-550 grams will cover 1 square metre.
Curing Times: Will depend on temperature but as a guide approximately 45-60 minutes between coats.
Betta Choice Pond Seal will not adhere to bitumen coated ponds or pond liners.
A PU sealant should be used to seal around pipework.
Betta Pond Seal should only be used for the inside of the pond, a UV sealer should be used to coat outside coping stones around the pond.
Contains: 4,4' Methylenediphenyl dlisocyanate, n-butyl acetate, 2,2-methylenediphenyl diisocyanate, tosyl isocyanate, diphenylmethane-2,4-diisocyanate, isocyanic acid, polymethylenepolyphenylene ester solvent naphtha (petroleum), light arom. Flammable liquid and vapour. Harmful if inhaled. Causes Skin iritation. Causes serious eye irritation. May cause allergy or asthma symptoms or breathing difficulties if inhaled. May cause an allergic skin reaction. Suspected of causing cancer. May cause respiratory iritation. May cause damage to organs through prolonged or repeated exposure by inhalation. Use only in a well-ventilated area. Wear respiratory equipment in enclosed areas. Wear protective gloves, mask and eye protection. If on skin wash with plenty of water. If in eyes rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. 

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