Lighting in the pond & garden

Pond lighting

It's time to prepare your pond and garden for the colder seasons. We are happy to provide useful tips for easily preparing your pond so that it boasts a calm, clear water surface. Generally pond lighting will come in sets. These will consist of a single, set of 3 or set of 5 or 6.

Make your home a haven of comfort: With cleverly designed lighting, you can create a relaxing atmosphere that turns your pond into an inviting quiet retreat – an ideal place to snuggle up with a warm blanket and a sweet snack from the barbecue. We have put together a collection of recipes and ideas such as homemade pond decorations to help you get the most out of your pond and garden during the winter months.

Creating an atmosphere

With the use of light sources, you can reinvent the night-time appearance of the pond landscape. Illuminate walkways and the edge of the pond to emphasise the shape of the pond. The reeds and grasses are lit in colours to create art objects that give the garden a modern touch. Or choose between the lighting scenarios to match the mood of the garden party.

Fantastic water features and waterfalls

During the day, fountains and waterfalls create lively spaces in the garden. With the addition of LED lighting at night, the light beams appear to dance on the water's surface. With water features you have the choice between models with and without integrated LED lights. Fountains can also shine with a spotlight at any time. 

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