AquaOne Betta Trio 32

SKU: 56166
AquaOne Betta Trio 32
AquaOne Betta Trio 32

AquaOne Betta Trio 32

SKU: 56166
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 Create a Betta world with this stylish little 3 in 1 fish tank, purpose designed to accommodate Bettas or water creatures with similar requirements, such as shrimp. 

As long as the water parameters and temperature requirements are compatible, you can keep up to 3 different species separately in the Betta Trio. The separation walls are blacked out so that the Bettas cannot see each other because that could cause distress.

The filter system features sponges and carbon cartridges, as well as ceramic media to ensure great water quality.

Model  Betta Trio 
Volume In Litres
 55W x 25D x 25H cm 
Glass Thickness
Cabinet Model
 We recommend Inspire 60 
 Multi Stage Back Filter

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