Nishikoi Multi-Sticks

SKU: 135M
Nishikoi Multi-Sticks

Nishikoi Multi-Sticks

SKU: 135M
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Nishipond MultiSticks offer a diverse array of floating sticks, catering to all pond fish needs. This highly digestible food is formulated with a mix of ingredients designed to meet the nutritional requirements of various pond fish, including goldfish, Koi, Orfe, and Shubunkins.

With a protein content exceeding 28%, these sticks are ideal for promoting healthy development and growth without the risk of overfeeding. The inclusion of spirulina, astaxanthin, and canthaxanthin supports the development of vibrant, healthy colours, showcasing the visible benefits of a nutritious diet.

The recipe also features a stabilised form of vitamins C and E, aimed at enhancing the immune system and boosting resistance to stress and disease.

The floating nature of the sticks not only facilitates easy feeding but also allows for the monitoring of consumption. It's important to remove any uneaten food to reduce the buildup of toxin-producing sludge.
  • 28% protein content supports growth.
  • The antioxidant properties of Vitamins C and E bolster the immune system.
  • Spirulina, rich in essential fatty acids, enhances natural colour.
  • Floating sticks simplify feeding and maintenance.
  • Jars are 100% resealable and water-resistant, ensuring lasting freshness.

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