Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking 750g

SKU: 334B
Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking 750g

Nishikoi Baby Grower Sinking 750g

SKU: 334B
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Nishikoi Baby Grower Colour Enhancer This nutritional blend is abundant in carotenoids, enhancing your fish's color vibrancy to their most radiant hues. It incorporates beta-glucans to bolster health and vitality, alongside the critical additional protein young fish need for growth, a fundamental nutrient particularly for juveniles. This formula is perfectly suited for young Koi, Goldfish, Black Mollys, Orfe, Shubunkins, and Orandas. Enriched with vitamins, this feed not only maintains your fish's health but also strengthens their immune system, reducing their susceptibility to illness.

  • Premium pellet food, perfect for juvenile koi and pond fish
  • Micro-sized pellets designed for smaller fish
  • Formulated to minimize disease risk
  • Rich in vital nutrients
  • Promotes growth
  • Enhances your fish's most vivid colors
  • Supports immune system enhancement
  • High in protein
  • Variety of options available to meet specific requirements
  • Enriched with crucial vitamins
  • Tasty and easily digestible

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