The heat has returned. Keep your pets safe

Keep pets cool during the heatwave!

The sun has returned, bringing with it a rise in temperatures for the upcoming week. Here are some valuable suggestions to ensure your pets stay cool and content during the sunny days ahead

Avoid over exercising

If you plan to take your dog for a walk, steer clear of strenuous activities like running or cycling. Additionally, it's crucial to avoid walking during the peak heat hours of the day. Always carry water with you on every outing (for both yourself and your four-legged companion) and be sure to take breaks for rest along the way.

Make ice lollies

Who wouldn't crave a refreshing ice lolly on a scorching summer day? While our human ice lollies may not be suitable for our furry friends, it's simple to whip up a dog-friendly frozen treat.

Blend some water into your dog's preferred wet food. Pour this canine-approved concoction into an ice cube tray, or an ice lolly mold, then freeze it overnight.

Alternatively, you can use tasty dog-friendly fruits and vegetables for an extra special touch!

Use cooling products

Even when they're not out for a walk, our canine companions can still be vulnerable to overheating. Consider investing in cooling products to keep your dog comfortable during the summer months.

Set up a Paddling Pool in your garden and make it extra fun by adding some floating toys. If you have a hose or sprinkler, it can provide excellent entertainment for both dogs and their owners...