Returning an aquarium on a pallet

Here we will guide you on the process of returning your aquarium to us on a pallet.

Strapping your aquarium and/or cabinet to a pallet

  1. Ensure the aquarium and/or cabinet is in the centre of the pallet ensuring the weight is not off balance.
  2. Ensure the protective packaging is around the aquarium or cabinet.
  3. Thread the strap around the aquarium or cabinet ensuring it is also wrapped around the slats of the pallet and the hooks are either on the side or top of the aquarium with the ratchet on the top.
  4. Make sure the hooks are connected before using the ratchet.

How to use a ratchet strap.

  1. With the ratchet fully closed, thread the webbing through the slot in the centre of the spool and pull tight.
  2. Start ratcheting by raising and lowering the handle. 
  3. Once you have reached the desired tension fully close the ratchet ensuring it is locked down.

Releasing the ratchet

  1. Pull and hold the release tab then fully open the ratchet until it is completely flat
  2. Grab the webbing from the none fixed side and pull